The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute - JITL
The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute - JITL

The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute - JITL
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The Regional council of Menashe

The Regional council of Menashe was built in 1950 and has a jurisdiction area of about 160,000 Dunam (a Dunam is ¼ of an acre). The council is located in the north Sharon and is a part of the coastal plane.

The council includes Jewish settlements, Moshav (cooperative settlements), kibbutzim and Arab villages. Some of the settlements in the council are: Gan-Shmuel, Regavim, Talmei Elazar, Mishmarot, Maanit and Mei-Ami that are the Jewish settlements and Meiser, Um al kutuf and Al Arian that are the Arab settlements. The council includes 20 settlements over all.

Currently to today the council mayor is Ilan Sade.

There are two main schools in the council area. The first is “Reut” that is the elementary school of the council. Except for 4 settlements all the council students learn there. The second is “Gvanim” and it is the high school. There are also student not from the council that learn in "Gvanim". In the Arab sector there is also an elementary school and a high school.

Another high school that is located in the council territory is “Mevo’ot Iron”. Mevo’ot iron is a high school that belongs to 4 kibbutzim from the council: Ein-shemer, Barkai, Ma’anit and Metzer. The school is a 6 years school from the 7th grade to the 12th grade. Like "Gvanim", also “Mevo’ot Iron” doesn’t include just students from the 4 kibbutzim. There are also students from Karkur, Zichron Ya’akov, Binyamina, etc.

The youth population is 20% of the all-council population. This population has certain special needs that come from expression of culture, social and sporting activities.

The youth department activities are in the settlement level and also in the all-council level. The activities that are taking place in the settlements are usually taking place in the youth clubs. The all-council activities are taking place in the different council buildings.

Two settlements are special to the Menashe council. The first is Kfar-Glikson. Kfar-Glikson is a kibbutz that was built in 1939 by immigrants from Romania. The kibbutz was built as part of the “Tower and stockade” project. “Tower and stockade” is a term used to describe a massive settlement campaign by Zionist settlers in the British Mandate. The plan was to inhabit by Jews as much Jewish owned land as possible, particularly in remote areas, by establishing "facts on the ground," which would eventually be transformed into fortified agrarian settlements. All of the major settlement groups (mostly kibbutzim ) took part in the campaign, which consisted of assembling a guard tower with a fence around it, usually in the course of a single night. The name of Kfar Glikson was given to it in memory of Moshe Yosef Glikson who was a Zionist leader in Israel. He was the chief of the youth movement “The Zionist Youth” and was the editor of the “HaAretz” newspaper for 15 years.

The second settlement is Kfar-Pines. Kfar Pines is a religious moshav that has 100 families currently. The moshav was built by immigrants from the center of Europe in 1933. The moshav is named in memory of Yechiel Michal Pines who was a writer and a politician from the Hovevei Zion (Fond of Zion ). In the settlement there is a religious girls' high school that was built by the Rabbi Eli Shasher and became the mother of all the religious girls’ high schools.