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What is JITLI

The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute (JITLI) was created in 2000 with the assistance of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County. The Institute realizes the vision of its founders to create a program dedicated to the education and leadership development of young people in the context of interaction with other cultures.

JITLI offers the opportunity for the participants to appreciate their similarities, acknowledge their differences and understand each other’s cultures.

JITLI will impact the lives of the young participants forever, imbuing them with the knowledge, the tools and the will to affect their own futures and those of their peers and communities.

Participant Stories

I wish everyone got the chance to have this incredible experience to carry with them for the rest of their lives. Read entire essay here
Arab and Jew. Naturally these words are meant to be opposites. Their definitions both consist of years of struggle, resistance, and animosity. For some, these words are simple synonyms for hate and disgust. However, this summer I attributed a new translation to this unwilling word combination. My translation was not built form words reported in the media, pictures posted on Zionist websites, or from the terrorist activity currently happening in Israel. Instead, it is based on my own experiences, my own conversations, and my own memories. Read the entire essay
One of my biggest obstacles in life is meeting and befriending new people. I knew that I not only would meet new people, but that I would meet “Arabs.” I have grown up in a radically pro-Israel, Jewish house, so meeting these kids was not going to be easy. Much to my surprise, a lot of them were extremely friendly, kind, caring people and it was a privilege being a part of JITLI with them. Read the entire essay