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JITLI 2016 San Diego Particpant: Noah Stashower-Marcus

A Never Ending Journey Aslam Alaykum. Shalom. Hello. My name is Noah Stashower-Marcus and I was a member of the San Diego group in JITLI this year. There are many ways in which I could start off my experience on JITLI. I could ramble on about the amazing connections I made. I could blabber about the non-stop fun I had.…

JITLI 2016 – Summer Trip


JITLI – Timeline Photos


JITLI 2015 – Summer Trip


JITLI 2015 San Diego Participant: Adam Rosenberg

JITLI has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I started out very reluctant, in fact I almost didn’t even apply but before I could back out Ian and Yigal (the JITLI staff) convinced me to apply. So a few weeks passed and I came to the workshop in which the final participants would be decided. We…

JITLI 2015 San Diego Particpant: Sigal Kahn

When a kid arrives at an amusement park for the first time and gets in line for his first ride, it’s as if a swarm of butterflies invades his tummy and circle around in a flutter of chaos. The minute the kid pulls the bar down on top of his lap, he squeezes his eyes shut in terror and excitement…

JITLI 2015 San Diego Participant: Damillin Hecht

The emotional, action filled weeks in Israel were filled with so many memorable times that it is hard to single out a specific event. This is due not only to the high intensity in which we did activities, but also because many of them seem equally as important and encompass the goals of the program. However, while these two events…

This year the JITLI 2014 group went to Berlin, Germany


JITLI 2014 – Pictures Taken in Berlin, Germany


JITLI 2014 – Staff Seminar