My JITLI was the best experience I ever had. I think that JITLI was about friends relationships and sharing life stories and opinions. My favorite part in JITLI was meeting Demian Juarez and Eshed Aragaman. I loved spending time with both of them. All my friends are in my heart forever. My San Diego friends and Shaar Hanegev friends and every one I know back in JITLI. ESHED ARGAMAN: My name is Eshed Argaman and I live in Kibbutz Mefalsim in Israel. 
The most significant experience on JITLI for me, was when I visited the Arab’s homes. As an ordinary Israeli Jewish boy, I have never been to an Arab villages or in an Arab home. This situation is totally absurd! 

In one of the visits, I was the only Jew. I will admit I was a little scared, because it is not every day I eat dinner with an Arab family. From first impressions of the home and family, I saw that despite the small geographical distance, there is a huge difference between my home life and their home life. Dinner turned into a political debate. Initially I hoped it wouldn’t, but I was excited to hear that they want peace, as do I. In addition, I learned that they really do not hate Jews as I thought. 
They made me a feel like a guest as opposed to an enemy!