What is JITLI. Everybody says, it is where 20 Jews meet up with 20 Arabs. This statement is true, but there is a lot more to the story than just that. Then the person would say, your right… it is 10 Americans, 10 Israelis and 20 Arabs Israelis. That is where they cross the line. They didn’t mention all the bonding, conflict and friendship that they did at all on this trip! JITLI is more than just an ordinary program such as Birthright.

To begin with, JITLI is one amazing program, and a once in a life time opportunity. The program starts before you even get to Israel. You first start off with meeting at your branch of JITLI. You learn a whole bunch of stuff. It all varies. Then, when it comes to the trip, there is a whole new side to JITLI.

Once you arrive at the airport in Tel-Aviv, the JITLI experience is on! Every moment, every second, you have to take in. Yes, you are tired, jet-lagged and cranky, but there is no time for that. You get to meet the other participants, all 30 of them. In addition, You get to meet the Peacemakers too, aka JITLI north. The Peacemakers also have the same style of JITLI..

Everyday, you wake up (still half asleep from the night before), and have a whole day in front of you. You get to meet new people and places daily. The only time you have a break is when you sleep! That’s it! Even at night, your super exhausted and ready to pass out, you decide to go and to talk to the other participants about their lives, past discussions or anything else. Each moment with them is price-less! Then you look at the clock and see it is time to go back to your room. You’re thinking bed time. Think again! You start a whole new conversation with your roommate(s). Then until your eyes close, you are still talking to them and they reply, and slowly drift away to sleep. JITLI is just more than a learning experience, it is a whole new way of learning and thinking about Israel and it’s citizens!