Hi my name is Yuval, from Shaar HaNegev and I was a participant in JITLI 2011.
The moment I’m writing about is not my best moment, it’s the moment I realized I had changed.

Before JITLI I considered myself to be tolerant towards Arabs and understanding yet every time I saw an Arab man or an Arab woman with 
A veil I use to feel an immediate aversion or sometimes even fear.
In JITLI there are a couple of days called “home hospitality”. I went to Amira’s home, an Arab living in Lakia. During my stay, I got to see Amira’s parents together and their children. They were so loving, giving, and caring, even towards me. Then I realized that they are just like my parents and that the only difference between us is religion.
JITLI is an amazing experience full of fun and values !