JetLi program a successful program and beautiful. Before I share in this project, I hear a lot of good things from friends. When I decided to take part encouraged me all the people closest to me. On the first day of the project was a day full of surprises and also at the same time I was afraid to Anie will not see my family two weeks. But I did not know that he will be a new family to a “JetLi family ” Through this project I met a lot of friends. On the day after I met more on friends. Example: What do you like – why do not like – favorite colors. At the outset, I had a lot of problems, including the language you speak do not know well I have improved thanks to this project.

On the final day was a sad day for all. And confirmed that all there is the beginning of the end of it, but we have been promising, we will always stay in touch

“Always kept and never will I remember JetLi family.