As a Muslim Bidwen girl from Lakia village I have never thought in my whole life that I would have a relationship with Jews like what I have with the San Diego’s and Sha’ar Hanegev’s Jews and I am happy about it, and all that thanks to JITLI.

In JITLI we had times where we were like “akhim” brothers truly, and there were times where the “Israeli-Palestine’s conflict” stood between us, we had some times where we actually forgot that we are Arabs or Jews we were just friends laughing, playing, sleeping, and eating together, and there were times were I saw Arabs on one side, and Jews on the other side.

JITLI is an experience that I will never forget, JITLI had changed my life, and the way that I look at the Jews, I won’t lie there were moments in my life where I was avoiding an eye contact with Jews, at the market, at the mall, everywhere, putting our conflict on the table for dissection “للحوار” really had helped me and the other participants of JITLI to see what the ideas that the others thought of each other and we had that chance to change it.

For me, my opinion about the Jews had defiantly changed and I have to say that Arabs and Jews can be the worst enemy god created them but if they put their differences aside they could be the best family the world had ever seen.

Mara, Gabe, Ana, Ethan, Jackie, Matt, Ella, Andrew, Grace, Arturo, Heather, Yionon, May, Mor, Osnat, Eli, Kamil, Elad, Lian, Tamer, Daniel, Jamal, Reham, Mohamed, Rania, khaled, Sheren, Hosen, Seham, Rafat, Eman, Amir, Mazal, Ihab, Soha, Ehab, Hadeel, Fahed, Fyroz, Ayman, Anwar, Karem, Dafna, Yaakov, Tal, James,

Are my JITLI family and I am proud of them all and I love them all, and the Jacobs family thanks a lot for this great opportunity which I find in it my other half, my JITLI family.