Jitli, where to start? Jitli has been one craziest thing I have ever been a part of. I did things many people would think as a grewat experience or simply wild. Before going on the trip I expected to have similarities in culture with people I was going to meet because my parents are from the Iran. When I got there; it was harder than I expected to converse and feel completely comfortable with people I met. Over time I was able to converse easily with many of my new made friends and be my joking self around them. There are many experiences that I could talk about but one of them that stood out to me. This was when we were in Jerusalem; I was partnered up with my good friend Tamer we were sent off on temple mount to go sightseeing. He asked me if I wanted to go in the dome of the rock, and being my adventurous self, I said of course. I wanted to learn the whole Muslim culture and respect it so I went down and did the ritual washings with Tamer and went up to try to get in. All Tamer said is be quiet and stay close to me, because non-Muslims are not a loud inside. So when we went up too get in the man said something in Arabic towards me but like Tamer said to do I responded with nothing and made sure I took off my shoes and stepped into the dome with my right foot like any other Muslim would do. I got in safely with no problems but I knew I had to put all my trust towards Tamer and make sure I did whatever he said and did. The first thing I felt getting in was joy because I knew heather now owed me a popsicle and then I looked up and I saw the beauty inside, it was very colorful and extravagant. Tamer taught me a prayers and I attempted to read the Quran with him. After the dome we went to the wall and I knew I had to show him the same hospitality as he showed me. I made sure no conflicts would occur; I taught him the prayers and the traditions of putting note in the wall and putting on taffilin. He said it was a great experience for him and it was a great experience for me. This day made a bond between Tamer and I we knew we could trust each other and understand each other on a personal level. After that day we had many conversations were we felt we could say anything it was great, and I am forever thankful for getting to meet someone like him. This experience has made gave me a great adventure in my life. I got to meet and befriend many people I would never had the chance; also being in Israel was just an added bonus. I wouldn’t take this experience back for anything I would like to thank everyone who made this experience great and thank everyone who made this experience possible.